Case Study

Supporting Visual Elements Rebrand – Logo, Business Card & Event Banner for The Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group is a Canada based company who have been active in the Real Estate Investing community for over 9 years. They have since developed coaching programs to help new investors, as well as provide fund finding services for large projects. Needless to say their company brand had changed a lot.

Client: The Phoenix Group

Goal: The Phoenix Group came to us to develop visual branding materials to support their current company image and brand.

Solution: We started with a discovery period to ensure I had a full understanding of them as a company, their values, and their clients, now and in the future.

We created a strong supporting logo with visual elements to use throughout other marketing materials, business cards and a standing banner for their events.

All elements are using strong color contrasts and have a feeling that supports the personality of this reliable, honest, result making company.

Image displaying The Phoenix Group Logo
Image of The Phoenix Group Event Banner

Clear Communication at Events

The Phoenix Group is a business of relationships. They often meet new clients in person and continue making in person contact.
A part of their marketing strategy is creating many opportunities to meet their existing clients as well as new prospective clients in person through self-held and partnership events.
In order to utilize the opportunity the most, having many forms of communication outside of also speaking to individuals is key for follow up contact beyond the event. Having business cards available on a table, a call to action flyer, and a banner with clear messaging and contact details are a few options depending on the format of the event.
We developed a banner to be in view as a visual cue throughout their events. This adds to the attendee’s understanding of the company, as well as creates a stronger memory beyond the event.
We also create forms and materials to support the event process for maximum involvement and conversion.

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