Case Study

Branded Materials
Letterhead for Studio Wolf Designs

Studio Wolf Designs is a drafting, design and development planning company. They provide professional services for individual homeowners, home developers and general contractors, managing design and required permits.

Client: Studio Wolf Designs

Brief: Studio Wolf Designs needed a letterhead design that presented the company in a professional, yet impacting way. They had some existing materials including business cards and a print ad, so it was important to continue the existing style of their brand.

Solution: The clean layout with a faint grid sidebar to pull visual detail from their craft of Drafting creates a strong yet not overwhelming background for their typed letters. A document template was also created to fit the layout of the paper.

Studio Wolf Designs letterhead design first and second page.
Studio Wolf Designs letterhead design first and second page.

Secondary Page Created for Longer Letters

The design was completed with a secondary page to account for longer letters without the repetition of the starting header.

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