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Logical Creative

We love guiding entrepreneurs and business owners for clarity in their online strategy and simplify the whole process!

Web Strategy

We work with you to create a roadmap from where you are to where you want to go with your current resources. We keep in mind your goals now and in the future so you can grow without needing to rebuild!


After developing your strategy, we will create a website that displays on all screen sizes. A website that helps you get more leads, streamlines your sales or marketing process, simplifies your internal processes or adds to your client's experience.


We create graphics that support your marketing strategy and communicates to your specific audience. Strong message and supporting your brand message is key!

Our story

Logical Creative makes decisions according to your goals and ideal client. We highlight the unique features of you and your business and help you communicate with your ideal client.

Logical Creative was created out of missing opportunity in the market. After not finding a job in this seemingly very saturated market, Amie Hicks, the owner of Logical Creative had done projects as a freelancer for friends and family to get experience and learn “on the job”. Then reaching out to work as a contractor with other media companies. Over the few years after completing school and working with the variety of clients she saw a lot of patterns in the industry. Experiences that her clients shared with her of past experiences, working with other designers or getting quoted $8000+ for a basic website when they were just starting out started to show that there was a gap.

This is where the idea of the logical creative was born. Taking a look at the client’s needs, current situation and coming to logical conclusions to develop a plan, a strategy to get the client towards their goals. This then fuels the creative decisions, ensuring everything we do has purpose. To get our clients the results they are looking for! Not just a beautiful website, or pretty graphics with your company colors.

We create websites and graphics based on logic and strategy to get the results you are looking for. 

I have always had difficulty just doing things quickly, or cutting corners to cut costs. I was told from a young age “if you’re going to do something, do it right”. It stuck. I also would never want to do anyone a disservice by cutting corners, sacrificing actually reaching their goals.

I also learned that everyone needs to start somewhere, but that doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice having a quality solution. With guidance, a startup can still have a quality self-made website. On the other hand, a very busy business owner should be able to focus on their business and have a high quality, brand supporting solution created for them, with minimal energy or time needed. Everyone is unique. Businesses included!

I have developed packages that suit general stages of need in a business as a starting point. Through our consultation process we will add services and customize as needed for your goals, company resources and skill level.

Throughout the process we ensure clarity and confidence in what needs to happen to have a successful web presence.

Meet Amie

My name is Amie. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I always had a creative part of myself that showed itself daily! My mind always saw so many possibilities and opportunities that I often was a very unfocused child and didn’t really know how you were “supposed” to act. I always felt pretty different from the kids around me, especially when I moved to a completely different place at the age of 10. However, around 20 I started to embrace it and celebrate my uniqueness! My confidence in myself and what I was doing grew exponentially. I was already attending college for Design and Digital Media, learning exactly what I was meant to do! Through a lot of self development and reflecting I realized where my heart is, helping other entrepreneurs and business owners have that same confidence. With creating easy to follow systems built around their goals and strategy, that’s exactly what I do!

Amie Hicks. Casual portrait photo in front of waterfall.